indoor swimming pool

How to Maintain Your Swimming Pool Water

It’s all about the water. In order to make your pool look inviting, you need to keep the water crystal clear. You do not have to be a chemist in order to maintain the water quality in your pool. However, you should understand the components that make your pool water safe and ideal for swimming. The components are tested based on a parts per million (ppm) measurement. This is the measurement of the parts of a substance in relation to [...]

swimming pool vacuum

How to Vacuum Your Swimming Pool

If the floor of the pool is looking dirty with bugs, twigs, mulch, grass, worms, or anything you could not get to with the leaf net, then vacuum the pool. How to use the skimmer vacuum system If you are not familiar with the skimmer vacuum system, then follow these tips. First, attach the vacuum head to the extension pole. Make sure hose is securely on both vacuum head end and on the skimmer connector end. Go to the water control [...]